Stowarzyszenie Krav Maga PolskaWŁODZIMIERZ KOPEĆ PIOTR LIZAK

Oficjalny przedstawiciel Europejskiej Federacji Krav Maga Richard Douieb

Military Krav Maga Internship Paris – France


Military training for the police, the army and other uniformed services and for KRAV MAGA EFKM students. The course is organized by EFKM – KRAV MAGA PROTECTION. The training will be conducted by the President of the Polish KRAV MAGA Federation, the Head of the Weapons and Close Contact Combat Training – BLOS in the Polish Armed Forces, a soldier – trainer of special units Lt. Kmdr.\ Lt. Col. Włodzimierz Kopeć. The training will include a presentation of the KRAV MAGA military programme – EFKM as well as weapon fighting and intervention techniques implemented in special units of the police and the Polish Army.



Paris, France

  • Direct contact pistol and carbine fighting
  • Overpowering the attacker depending on the degree of danger
  • Handcuffing in various tactical situations
  • Transporting of persons resisting and producing a risk
  • Weapons defense / blocking

KRAV MAGA PROTECTION is the organizer of the training.

More information (prices, deadlines, registration, contact) at or on the organizer’s website: