Stowarzyszenie Krav Maga PolskaWŁODZIMIERZ KOPEĆ PIOTR LIZAK

Oficjalny przedstawiciel Europejskiej Federacji Krav Maga Richard Douieb

The Autumn Internship of Krav Maga

The Autumn Internship of Krav Maga in Lodz, Poland is a level-adjusted activity for each participant. The intensity of the exercises and the way of teaching gives satisfaction to all KRAV MAGA students and to people who have occasional contact with this fighting system and self-defense or this is their first meeting with such a form of training.
The autumn meeting in Łódź, apart from the Krav Maga training, is a unique opportunity to meet old friends and make interesting new acquaintances with people positively curled like WE. It is also an opportunity to train with the best Krav Maga instructors in Europe, in a place where this system was presented in our country for the first time.

We invite our students as well as people who, due to lack of time during the week, can not attend classes regularly and want to feel safe. Such an internship is a dose of classes comparable to three months spent working in sections.

Take a look at our gallery and see how previous internships looked like.


Friday, 23/11/2018, 19:00-21:00

Lodz, Poland,  Ignacego Skorupki 21 street, DOJO club – sports Hall

Saturday, 24/11/2018, 10:00-14:00 / 17:00-19:00
Sunday, 25/11/2018, 10:00-14:00

Lodz, Poland, Marszalka Jozefa Pilsudskiego 135H street – martial arts club “SHARK”

  • Techniques of defense against attacks – knife threat [Friday]
  • Basics of knife fight [Friday]
  • Selected techniques from the FEKM technical program [Saturday, Sunday]
  • Defense against knife attacks [Saturday]
  • Falling, throws [Saturday]
  • Fight and self-defense on the “ground floor” [Sunday]

For instructors and candidates for instructors on each day in addition classes on the teaching methodology of selected Krav Maga techniques as well as a discussion and presentation of the children’s program – Krav Maga Kids.


Piotr Lizak III Darga
Włodzimierz Kopeć II Darga
Andrzej Grejner II Darga
Dariusz Kołodziej II Darga

  • All training days and 2 days of accommodation in the hotel – 125€ – MAX TRAINIG HOTEL (UNAVAILABLE)
  • All training days – 75€ – MAX TR
  • Two days of training – 65€ – TR – 2
  • One day of training [Friday] – 25€ – TR PIAT
  • One day of training [Saturday] – 50€ – TR SOB
  • One day of training [Sunday] – 25€ – TR NIEDZ

Hotel „Polonia Palast” **
Narutowicza 38 street, 90-135 Łódź, Poland

We regret to inform you that the pool of 50 Hotel Rooms booked by the organizer for the Autumn KRAV MAGA grouping on 10/11/2018 has been exhausted.
The persons who made the application and sent an advance payment to this date are on the list in the “Polonia Palast” Hotel in accordance with the declared number of nights.

25 € per night with breakfast included (please specify the number of nights and which day if only one).
If you come in a group, please specify who the person wants to be in the room with.


Transfer title : „KRAV MAGA PL / LODZ 2018” + name of the chosen option

Applications confirmed by payment please send at mail: or

Bank account for transfering the payment:

PL 75 1020 4027 0000 1802 1395 5630
Zawodowiec Wlodzimierz Kopec
ul. Droga Debinska 10c/216, 61-555 Poznan


SKMP Office | | +48 534 989 686
Włodzimierz Kopeć | | +48 601 877 228
Piotr Lizak | | +48 662 093 410