Stowarzyszenie Krav Maga PolskaWŁODZIMIERZ KOPEĆ PIOTR LIZAK

Oficjalny przedstawiciel Europejskiej Federacji Krav Maga Richard Douieb


A summer camp of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat using the KRAV MAGA system, focused on techniques implemented by uniformed services and personal security employees – VIP. The camp is recommended for Krav Maga Instructors conducting classes in uniformed departments, and people who wants to learn the tactic rules and techniques of military and police intervention. For instructors, methodological, demonstration and instructor-methodical classes are conducted by police trainers and special units of the army.


Intervention techniques of the police/army and weapon fight in direct contact BLOS.

During the training, according to the program implemented in the Polish Armed Forces, the issues of WWBK–Fight in the close combat, and BLOS – „fighting and safe use of weapons” will be implemented. Classes will be conducted by the author of these systems Włodzimierz KOPEĆ.


  • Transportation techniques
  • Incapacitating techniques
  • Handcuffsing taking into account the level of danger-low level of threat / high degree of danger
  • Checking / searching in various positions – standing, sitting, lying
  • Combat techniques without the possibility of shooting
  • Defense against the partition / blocking of weapons
  • KRAV MAGA self-defense techniques with the use of weapons
  • KRAV MAGA protection techniques – VIP
  • Fighting and safe handling of the gun / rifle
  • Shooting pistol (GLOCK 17, HK-USP, CZ 75B), rifle (AK 47–Kalashnikov, MP5, PM-Skorpion) – two days of practical training at the shooting range
  • For people with experience in the use of firearms: dynamic shooting, situational shooting, shooting tactics – working in a team during fire contact.
After completing the verification test, each participant will receive a basic certificate level “A” signed by the creator of the system.

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