Stowarzyszenie Krav Maga PolskaWŁODZIMIERZ KOPEĆ PIOTR LIZAK

Oficjalny przedstawiciel Europejskiej Federacji Krav Maga Richard Douieb

Krav Maga knife/weapons in public transport – tram


Due to restrictions, associated with the threat of coronavirus, training is canceled.

Payments made to confirm the booking will be refunded to the account from which they were made.

Whenever possible, we will organize training at a new, convenient time.


Pre-holiday KRAV MAGA training in Poznań, two days of training with the use of firearms, weapons and school weapons with FX ammunition.

Verification of the effectiveness of KRAV MAGA techniques in firearms threatening situation and techniques of defence against an attacker armed with a knife – knife fighting. The shooting range classes combined with the 1st KRAV MAGA Shooting Competition for the SKMP President’s Award. Real training against threats in public transport, knife, gun – tram, street fight with several attackers.

KRAV MAGA techniques are presented by the best Instructors in Poland and Central Europe.


06.06.2020 – 11:00-17:00

Poznan, Poland
Droga Dębińska 10c

Start of training at the CITYZEN sports club

07.06.2020 – 10:00-14:00

Poznan, Poland
Shooting range near Poznan, the exact location will be given later


06.06.2020 TRAM:

  • Defense against blackmails and knife attacks on the tram
  • Knife fighting
  • Street fight – self-defense against several attackers
  • Self-defense and hand-to-hand combat on the tram

07.06.2020 SHOOTING RANGE:

  • Firearms threats defense, blackmailing pistol / carbine
    Real activities in the field – shooting range, presentation of the rules of safe use of firearms
  • Shooting competition for a prize founded by sponsors and the President of the SKMP
    With MP – military pistol (GLOCK-17, CZ75B, HK-USP, SigSauer 226 and 229) AC – assault carbine (Beryl 7.62)
2 days of training
70 EUR – members od FEKM
95 EUR – non-members od FEKM
1 day of training
50 EUR – members od FEKM
75 EUR – non-members od FEKM
90 EUR – members od FEKM
115 EUR – non-members od FEKM
Overnight in a hotel with breakfast in a double room. The number of places in the hotel is limited – the order of accommodation in the hotel depends on the order of applications confirmed by payment to the account of the Polish KRAV MAGA Assosiation.

Applications for participation in the internship should be submitted to the office of the Association KRAV MAGA Polska in electronic form to the e-mail address:

Taking care of safety and appropriate level of classes, the number of places is limited. Participation is determined by the order of applications confirmed by payment.

Payments should be made to:

Stowarzyszenie KRAV MAGA – Polska
61-555 Poznań, Nagietkowa 1
PL69 1020 4027 0000 1802 0389 9069
Title: “Name Surname – Poznan KM/Tram”


Polish Krav Maga Assosiation Office

tel.       +48 534 989 686