Stowarzyszenie Krav Maga PolskaWŁODZIMIERZ KOPEĆ PIOTR LIZAK

Oficjalny przedstawiciel Europejskiej Federacji Krav Maga Richard Douieb

International Military Camp Krav Maga


Military Krav Maga and Close-Contact Combat Camp combined with the opportunity to take the Krav Maga Military Instructor Basic Course FEKM-RD (Instructor Initiator).

The camp will include the European Krav Maga Federation’s – Richard Douieb military technical program, plus additional intervention techniques for combat and self-defense in urban enviroment. We will practice defenses against various threats (with armed hostile), as well as static and situational shooting during intervention and useage of firearms. The program will also include shooting in direct contact.

All this will be carried out in one of the world’s best training centers for uniformed services – European Security Academy in Włościejewki. You will have the opportunity to train in professional shooting facilities, including an artificial town “Mogadishu” built specifically for this type of training.
During the firearm classes we will be using both live rounds and non lethal FX simmunition.

The camp will last 5 days. Each day there will be a total of 5 hours of training (including 10 hours of classes at the shooting range). We provide accommodation, food and necessary shooting equipment (weapons, holsters, pouches and eye and hearing protectors). For FEKM-RD black belts the camp is also a course of “Instructor Initiator”, authorizing to conduct classes in uniformed departments.


08 – 13.05.2022

Poznań / Włościejewki

The camp will be held at the facilities of the European Security Academy, Poland, Wlosciejewki 1 street, 63-130 Książ Wielkopolski.

The camp will start on Sunday, May 8, 2022 from 4:00 p.m. and will last until Friday, May 13, 2022 until 3:00 p.m.


W trakcie obozu będzie realizowany militarny program techniczny Europejskiej Federacji Krav Maga – Richard Douieb oraz dodatkowo techniki interwencyjne walki i samoobrony w terenie zurbanizowanym. W ramach zajęć przećwiczymy obrony przed szantażami bronią palną oraz zagrożeniem / szantażem nożem, a także strzelania statyczne i sytuacyjne w trakcie interwencji lub walki bronią. W programie znajdą się również strzelania w kontakcie bezpośrednim z napastnikiem.

Szczegółowy harmonogram zajęć zostanie przekazany uczestnikom.


Each participannts have to be at least 18 years old and no health contraindications to participate in trainings.

To obtain FEKM-RD Military Instructor Certificate you have to be part of FEKM-RD and have at least 1st darga.

Each participant must have:

  • typical equipment for Krav Maga training: crotch protector, jaw protector
  • boxing gloves and optional tibia and knee pads,
  • combat pants (tactical) with possibility of wearing belt and tactical equipment,
  • tactical (military) clothing and footwear adapted to the specifics of the classes, taking into account changing weather conditions.

A large part of the classes will be carried out on open shooting ranges, buildings, on a bus and on task obstacle courses.

The organizer provides:

  • eye and hearing protectors,
  • training weapons and combat weapons during classes with the use of fire agents,
  • ammunition.

The cost of the camp is 3550 PLN.

The price includes accommodation, meals and shooting equipment (weapons and ammo for training and shooting competitions, holsters, pouches, ear and eye protectors).
Accommodation will be in the hotel base within the ESA facility.


Applications for participation in the training, confirmed by a payment of at least 1000 PLN to the SKMP account, should be submitted to the KRAV MAGA Poland office to the e-mail address: and to the address The application should include the name and surname of the participant, place of residence and telephone number. Additional payment for the chosen participation option can be made on the training start date.

Payments should be made to the following data:

Stowarzyszenie Krav Maga Polska
60-175 Poznań, ul. Nagietkowa 1
Account number: PL 69 1020 4027 0000 1802 0389 9069
Title: “Military Camp, Name Surrname”

Due to the safety and specificity of the classes, the number of participants in the camp is limited to 20. The order of applications confirmed by the advance payment is decisive for booking a place.


Polish Krav Maga Association office

tel. +48 534 989 686

Włodzimierz Kopeć

tel. +48 601 877 228